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All the services that we provide can either be done at your premises, or from our own offices. We like to work in the way that suits you best.

Management Accounts

Monthly or quarterly management accounts are a really useful tool to monitor and analyse your business’s progress. They are particularly relevant as your business develops and passes certain milestones, for example as you start to employ more staff, or expand into larger premises, or win large contracts, or borrow funds. We prepare your accounts on a regular basis, presenting your financial results compared to your forecast so that you can ensure the business is on track to meeting its targets.

Forecasting and Budgeting

Right from start up, it’s a good idea to have a business plan and a forecast. We prepare annual budgets to help demonstrate the financial impact (and especially the impacts on cash) on your business decisions. Then we compare actual to the forecast in your management accounts to help keep the business on track. Forecasting is particularly relevant if you are embarking on a new project, or seeking loan finance. Banks will often ask to see a copy of your forecast before lending, and may also require copies of monthly management accounts.

Bookkeeping & VAT

Keeping on track of your day to day sales, purchases and bank transactions is a necessity for good cashflow. Maintaining these business records is also a legal requirement. We can do all of your bookkeeping for you, either at your premises or in our offices, or we can set up robust systems for you and train your staff to do the work themselves. Or we can do a mix of these approaches by training your staff to do the bulk of the processing, then visit once a quarter to check things over, prepare the VAT return and sort out any queries.


In order to maintain confidentiality, many businesses prefer to outsource their payroll. We can prepare weekly and monthly payrolls and ensure that deadlines are met for reporting to HMRC

Part-Time Company Accountant / FD

We typically work with businesses that are too small to employ a full time Finance Director. We can fulfill the FD functions on a part time basis, so that you can benefit from a high level of experience and skillset in a cost-effective way. We can visit you regularly to prepare management accounts, budgets, liaise with financiers, monitor cashflow and be a confidential and independent partner to general business discussions.


We provide training tailored to the needs of your staff. We can train in bookkeeping and VAT principles, and in Sage and Excel

Please note....

...we have chosen to specialise in the provision of management accountancy services as detailed above.  However, we do not provide the following services

  • Preparation of tax returns, computations and tax advice
  • Preparation of statutory accounts
  • Audit services
  • Services for holding client money